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(Image by Benherz.)

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Video about Beatrice, the beautiful new baby Coquerel’s sifaka at the Duke Lemur Center.

Aye-aye-inspired music is my new favorite genre!

Composer Michael Hearst presents an educational video about aye-ayes. The lucky fella gets to experience some up-close-and-personal aye-aye interaction, while the Kronos Quartet performs musical compositions inspired by aye-aye behavior. (via Unusual Creatures)

Quite an unusual combination: a lemur and a kangaroo chase each other around.

Baby mouse lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center. 49 seconds of sheer bliss.

Ruffed Lemur babies at the Binder Park Zoo. More adorable head-cocking than you can shake a stick at.

Baby Lemur Discovers Rope (by marsellek) — Were you this acrobatic when you were a few months old?